About us

The principal goal of running this webpage is formed around the idea of creating a database of the Iranian who won international design awards in the past years. Through this platform all the professional designers, professors and students and even design enthusiast will have the opportunity to find out more about the international design awards/competitions and get in touch with their winners.


Our mission is to encourage young designers to take part in the design awards more often, so hopefully, we have more internationally recognized designers from Iran in the future. We also introduce/ review the most prestigious design awards in the world and explain the importance of competing in international design contests.


Our vision is to turn into one of the main websites in the design world which offers the most up to date database on design/art awards winners- from graphic design and architecture to fashion and animation- nationally and internationally.

 The Team

Kourosh Mahdavi: Founder and web designer.

Hamidreza Alavizadeh: Content creator and copy writer of the website.

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