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The beauty of design competitions is the leveling of the playing field between big companies, small design firms, and students alike. The only thing that truly matters is the new and innovative design thinking they bring forward. Winning an award is one of the most satisfying ways of receiving professional recognition and promoting designs and products. International competitions are a showcase for a sector that is constantly innovating and highly competitive and in which obtaining an award translates into an advantage over the competition and an increase in sales and for young designers though, the real value lies in helping them get a bigger pay increase or the chance to go out and get a better job. This website is intended to inform about design awards winners. Our primary goal is preparing opportunities for designers and design awards winners to be connected and informed.

Design Awards

Meet the legends

Arman Emami
Arman EmamiFounder Emami Design
EMAMIDESIGN has been internationally awarded 76 times for its product concepts and innovations. Industrial design is becoming ever more important in people’s purchasing decisions. A brand can only be successful once it has achieved the right blend of aesthetics, functionality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.
Mehdi Mojtabavi
Mehdi MojtabaviDesign Director at Asayesh Inc
Mehdi Mojtavabi is an industrial designer and creative leader who bridges the artistic and engineering aspects of ID. Asayesh Inc. is an innovative customer oriented company which provides the best lifestyle solutions. Our very first product is the famous Cuddle Mattress which is an ultimate sleeping/cuddling solution.
Iman Maghsoudi
Iman MaghsoudiDesign Director
Iman Maghsoudi is one of the most acclaimed and influential designer of his generation in Iran. He has worked across a wide range of disciplines, creating everything from furniture and household objects, to bicycles and cars, various architectural commissions, and signature sculptural pieces for clients across the globe.

Why to participate in design competitions?

Many students feel it is difficult to express their talents in school. Exams and group assignments do not always capture students’ unique skills or accurately measure the ability to apply skills to real-world problems. In contrast, many student competitions are based on solving “real” cases and problems.

By participating in a competition organized by a company, university or other organization, you have a new opportunity to show your talent and apply your skills. In turn, the rewards of student competitions, whether tangible or otherwise, can help you achieve your educational and professional goals. You might win an internship that leads to the job of your dreams, some money that would help you buy course books, or even help to start your own business.

Competitions can also be a way to connect with top employers, such as Google, Facebook or IBM, that are otherwise difficult to reach, in a setting that puts you and your skills in the spotlight. Regardless of your formal educational background, if you have the skills to win a competition, you have the ability to connect.

Applying through traditional recruitment channels can often be a drag, and many talented students fall through the cracks and never reach their dream companies. Traditional application criteria are based mostly on the level of academic excellence, which may or may not showcase your true talent and skills set.

Instead, take a shot and participate in their competitions! If you are skilled enough to get invited to the finals, you may have the chance to chat with members of senior management and impress them with your determination and passion in person.

Rock stars are instantly recognizable because they are not afraid to show off their talents and embrace who they are. If you win a large competition, you can claim your own ‘rock star status’ in the talent recruitment community!

Winning a couple of student competitions is a great way to stand out from the crowd and build your résumé, both the traditional way and via your social media profile. Show off your achievements on LinkedIn and Facebook. We assure you that the “Likes” will start rolling in, and job offers won’t be far behind.

If you are passionate about a subject that is outside your major, student competitions can also help show off additional strands of your knowledge and interests. If you are a mechanical engineer passionate about environmental sustainability or a chemist deeply committed to human rights, find those competitions and compete!

Don’t be put off or intimidated by a lack of “formal” qualifications. Passion and interest can get you a long way, not just in competitions, but in life more generally. Showing the breadth of your skills palette and letting all your colors shine will really help you to differentiate yourself.

Obviously, not everyone who enters the competition will win. However, even if you don’t receive any of the big prizes, you can still benefit from the opportunity to challenge yourself. You’ll learn new things and develop new skills – and even if you don’t win, you can still show what you gained from the experience, and talk about this in job applications and interviews.

The most important thing to note is that your competition journey is a process, not an endpoint. Any one success (or apparent failure) is just another stepping stone to the next point along the way. So whatever the outcome, focus on what you’ve gained, and how to keep on developing.

Whether it’s starting your own business or studying abroad, competitions can help you realize your dream. If you are planning on starting a business but need capital, there are competitions where you can win startup funding for your business. Perhaps you are looking for scholarships to start or further your studies? Scholarship competitions such as the Fordham Business Challenge, The New School Competition and Sweden-Vietnam Challenge allow you to showcase your knowledge and skills in a specific area of interest. Be it engineering, art and design or business management, there is a competition for everyone.

Finally, student competitions or any competitions allow you to test your ideas to see how viable they are, in a risk-free environment where you are able to collect and incorporate feedback from peers and professionals. If you are committed to realizing your dreams, any time spent on fine-tuning your ideas is a great investment.

What if you do not win the student competitions you enter? Remember, this is not time wasted; it is time spent learning and growing. Competitions should provide an enriching and stimulating experience that allows you to apply your knowledge to a specific, practical problem.

And if you don’t win this time, just enter again. The more you participate, the better you get!

Reference: Top universities

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